• Optima™ Gutter Protection is at the forefront of high-tech, non-toxic methods to combat termites, rodents, and other pests without exposing your family and pets to toxic fumes.
  • Optima™ Gutter Protection is among the most convenient and economical methods to protect your home or business from pesky pests.
  • Optima™ is eco-friendly, pet-friendly, and among the top chemical-free options chosen by clients with medical conditions or chemical sensitivity.
  • Optima™ Gutter Protection is committed to the safety of your family and your home and an earth-friendly part of your pest control system.
  • Without the proper protection, insects, birds, squirrels, leaves, twigs, and other debris can lead to damaged gutters, mold, roof and siding damage, foundation issues, and even property damage.

Optima™ comes with the industry’s best Lifetime Warranty.

Optima™ comes with the industry’s best Lifetime Warranty.

Colonial Gray

Moss Away

Optima™ Gutter Guards has solved the moss issue. A zinc strip inserted into Optima™ Gutter Guards releases zinc-oxide, preventing moss and organic growth from ever forming.

Melt Away

Optima™ Melt-Away allows for a heated cable to be integrated to combat the freezing temperatures to protect your gutter guards from ice dams and the formation of icicles to keep your gutters working at their optimal state.

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