Meet Betty the Humpback Whale

Just as Optima™’s gutter guards protect homes for people, Optima™ the company is dedicated to protecting the home of whales across the globe through monetary donations to the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) for humpback whales.

In the photo to the right, meet Betty, Optima™’s humpback whale mascot whom we adopted through WWF. She is our constant reminder to approach current and future business ventures with the environment in mind. Betty also shares a special similarity with us—interestingly, when humpback whales swallow their feed, they filter large volumes of trapped water through their baleen plates, not unlike our gutter guard filtration system.

Betty belongs to an endangered species threatened by plastic pollution, habitat loss from toxins, ship strikes, and bycatch. Humpback whales like Betty are at the top of the food chain due to their title as the largest animal on the planet. As such, the health of our ocean’s collective humpback whale population is inextricably linked to and an indicator of the ocean’s health overall. With this in mind, we at Optima™ aim to support and live in accordance with sustainable efforts that mitigate these very real threats to whales like Betty.

We adopted Betty so that she could have the best chance at maintaining a long and healthy life, happily feeding away on tons of krill, fish, and other tiny crustaceans while safely traveling her annual route in the Pacific Ocean along the U.S. West Coast. In the summer months, Betty is often seen feeding off the coast of California and into the North Pacific before migrating south to equatorial waters in Mexico during the winter season.

Betty the Humpback Whale
Betty the Humpback Whale

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