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Optima™’s dedication to environmental stewardship aligns with a conscientious commitment to environmentally conscious business practices. However, we are also in the business of home improvement and safety, much like many modern pest-control companies.

Optima™ contributes to the customer’s peace of mind regarding the pest control investment they’re making for the well-being of their home and the environment. We do these with donations to ocean conservation efforts and the usage of recyclable materials in our products.

The Optima™ system is an award-winning and patented technology designed to keep everything out of your gutters — except for water. This enclosed system keeps out common debris like leaves, seedpods, shingle shake, animal nests, and more! With its premium, recyclable aluminum base, and stainless steel mesh, Optima™ serves as an effective and eco-friendly line of defense against water damage, pests, mold, algae, and even fire risk.

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